Procurement, tendering and contracting

Procurement, tendering and contracting

NHS West Lancashire CCG is responsible for commissioning – or buying – healthcare services from other providers to meet the health needs of local people. This commissioning process involves contracting with existing service providers and can include competitive tendering opportunities for the provision of services.

As commissioners of healthcare services NHS West Lancashire CCG has a clear responsibility to ensure we make decisions and commission services in a fair and open way, to ensure we are getting value for money, and meeting the healthcare needs of our population.

Through regular appraisal of the services we need to commission, we will continue to identify ways to improve efficiency, extend choice and access, and improve patient experience.

We aim to offer the people of West Lancashire a wide range of accessible, high quality and easy to use services to help them stay healthy and improve their wellbeing.

Current  tendering opportunities at NHS West Lancashire CCG can be found at

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Any Qualified Provider

Increasing patient choice

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) is a work programme that will enable the Government to fulfil its commitment to increase choice and personalisation in NHS funded services for patients and the public. AQP is being implemented following a national listening exercise to consider which health services would benefit from having increased choice.  Service providers can apply to be a specific AQP service based on quality not price.

Patients referred to the new AQP services will be able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’providers who meet agreed service quality requirements.

AQP Aims and Objectives

The strategic aims of AQP are to:

  • Increase choice and access of health service providers for patients.
  • Improve quality and outcomes of health services.
  • Drive innovation and efficiency of health services.

Patients referred to the new services made available under AQP will be able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’ providers who meet agreed service quality requirements, through a locally agreed specification.

Further information

All AQPs are advertised on Contracts Finder: 

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