Carers Information

Carers Information

With effect from 13 May 2015 Central and West Lancashire Carers services will transfer to N-Compass.

Should you need to find out more about local carers services in West Lancashire, have a query about being registered as a carer or to arrange a Carers Assessment or Peace of Mind for Carers Plan, please use the number below.

Carer’s services – Lancashire


NHS West Lancashire CCG makes every effort to work in partnership with other organisations to ensure that there are regular services for carers across the borough.

We are determined to making sure that carers in West Lancashire:

  1. Are supported to identify themselves as carers as soon as possible.  We recognise the value of their involvement and will include them from the beginning both in designing local care services and in planning individual care packages
  2. Are allowed to do as well as one possibly can by supporting those with caring responsibilities to get the most out their educational and employment potential
  3. Are able to have a family and community life outside of caring with personalised support both for carers and those they support
  4. Are supported to stay healthy and remain mentally and physically well

A carer is a person of any age, adult or child, who provides unpaid support to a partner, child, relative, or friend who couldn’t manage to live independently or whose health or well-being would deteriorate without this help. This could be due to frailty, disability or serious health condition, mental ill health or substance misuse (i.e. drug and/or alcohol).

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