Privacy Notice – Quality

Privacy Notice – Quality


Purpose and basis for processing

West Lancashire has a duty to the improvement of quality and delivery of services and uses incident events, investigation, evidence and reports relating to incidents under various policy and procedural structures.

An incident requiring investigation is defined as an incident that occurred in relation to NHS funded services and care resulting in unexpected or avoidable death, harm or injury to patient, carer, staff or visitor. In order to promote quality and compliance, West Lancashire has several reporting protocols for incidents and provides investigation and learning to improve systems and services they commission.

Categories of personal data

NHS Number and other personal details, including relevant healthcare records and information about the incident, including others involved or impacted by the event are used by the CCG to facilitate incident investigations.

Sources of the data

Data received in order to fulfil the duties relating to incident investigation will be received directly from the reporting organisation, such as a GP practice or provider.

Recipient of personal data

Information relating to outcomes will be sent back to the relevant providers. 

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