Care Home Interim/Acute Form

Please note: This form is to be used when staff are requesting interim/acute medications. You should continue to order your monthly cycle as before.

As the POD now processes a large majority of the care homes within West Lancashire, we have noted the volume of queries the POD receives daily. The current number of interim/acute requests being received is vast, and a substantial amount of information provided to POD staff has been noted to be inadequate. Processing care home requests is a challenging job that is often undertaken by one member of staff.

What is classed as an interim/acute item?

Interim/Acute medicines are those that do not appear on the ‘right hand side’ repeat slip of a prescription.

Examples include:

  • Changes to medication
  • When required ‘PRN’ medicines
  • Items that are not required to be ordered on a regular monthly basis (i.e. the quantity should last longer than the monthly cycle e.g. topical creams, inhalers).
  • Medication still under review before the GP can add as a regular monthly repeat.

We ask that the below form is used for ALL correspondences with regards to interim/acute medication.

InterimAcute request form

The above document opens in PDF. Please use the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar and select the  ‘fill and sign’ tool on the right of the screen to complete the form.

To reduce delays, it is important that all the information is accurate and clear patient details are given to make the process more efficient.

The request should be saved and/or a note should be made in the care homes communication book with the date of request, what was ordered and signature of staff member requesting.

Please continue sending your requests to

The care home is responsible for communicating with pharmacy as the supplying pharmacy may not be expecting interim/acute medication. Please inform the pharmacy of the name of resident, details of the expected medication and how urgent the item needs to be delivered by the pharmacy or if the care home is collecting.

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