Coronavirus (Covid-19) Care Home Resources

The Medicines Optimisation Team have produced local guidance to support Care Homes in the acquisition of end of life medication during the coronavirus outbreak.

Document Description
SOP 2. Care Homes with Nursing Medicines Acquisition Guidelines 1.3

Document: Signed Order Template

Updated 28-Sep-2020

This guidance outlines the processes for obtaining medicines in and out of hours. 

Care homes with nursing are permitted to hold limited quantities of prescription-only medicines and controlled drug as stock for end of life care when there are concerns about an increasing number of residents who have COVID-19 symptoms.  This allows prompt administration in rapidly deteriorating residents until they receive their prescription.  Care homes without nursing are not permitted to hold stock, but they can reuse medicines dispensed for another patient as described above in the Reuse of Medicines Guidance.  If you are a care home with nursing and following completion of the risk assessment (appendices 2 & 3) would like to consider holding stocks of end of life medicines, please can you contact Sam and Kate.

SOP 3. Care Homes without Nursing Medicines Acquisition Guidelines 1.0 This guidance outlines the processes for obtaining medicines in and out of hours
SOP 4. Homely Remedies 1.0 This guidance provides information on the recommended treatments for minor symptoms associated with COVID-19.
SOP 5. Reuse of Medicines 1.0 This guidance is for care homes with and without nursing, and outlines the steps to be taken should you need to reuse medicines during exceptional circumstances i.e. where a medicine cannot be supplied by prescription

We realise that these are unprecedented times and that care homes may need further support with processes. Therefore if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the MOCH Team

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