Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH)

The Medicines Optimisation Care Home Pharmacy Team has been created as part of NHS England’s Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH) programme in line with the Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes.

Pharmacists & pharmacy technicians can play a significant role in reducing the use of unnecessary and sometimes harmful medicines, through regular reviews of medicines taken by residents. Our role is to support prescribers, general practice staff and care home staff in improving the health of their care home patients through the rational and safe use of medicines, and the development and implementation of safe medicines optimisation systems.

As a team, our objectives include:

  • achieving medicines optimisation for care home residents through access to a clinical pharmacy team with the supporting infrastructure
  • ensuring that residents and/or the families or carers are given the opportunity to be fully involved in decisions about their medicines
  • improving health outcomes for care home residents

** Please note, whilst we offer some clinical support to the POD we do not work exclusively with the team. If your query relates to a POD matter, for example, medication requests or missing cycle items, please contact the team on 01695 588108 **

Contact Us

Kate Ward – Care Home Pharmacist

Sam Russell – Care Home Pharmacy Technician



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