How We Spend Your Money

How We Spend Your Money

Since 1 April 2010 all infor­ma­tion relat­ing to expen­di­ture over £25,000 spent by NHS organ­i­sa­tions must be pub­lished on its web­site. Monthly details will be pub­lished by the 15th work­ing day of each month.

This is because the Gov­ern­ment has set out the need for greater trans­parency so that the pub­lic is more eas­ily able to hold pub­lic bod­ies and politi­cians to account.

‘Expen­di­ture’ is all indi­vid­ual invoices, grant pay­ments, expense pay­ments, pay­ments to GPs, or other such trans­ac­tions that are over £25,000. Pay­ments to staff are excluded from this disclosure.

Click here to see the guidance issued by the Treasury.

Details are also available from the web­site:

How does the CCG spend your money? 

The below pie chart illustrates how the CCG spent your money in 2019/20


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