About us

NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of 15 GP practices that are responsible for designing and buying local health services.  We cover a population of around 112,000 patients.

Clinicians are in the driving seat in NHS West Lancashire CCG and each of our practices has elected one of their doctors to sit on a Membership Council.  The Membership Council determines what the CCG’s priorities should be.

The work of the CCG is overseen by a governing body which is chaired by a local GP and includes three lay members, a nurse and specialist clinician from outside of the area, a chief officer, a chief financial officer, and five other GPs from the local area. Find out who is who on the governing body

NHS West Lancashire CCG is wholly supportive of partnership working and as such is an active participant in the Staff Partnership Forum facilitated by NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit. 

The CCG utilises this forum as a vehicle and mechanism to support proactive staff engagement, consultation and, where appropriate, negotiation. 

The CCG does not employ anyone who undertakes relevant union official duties as outlined in the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 and therefore no time is released from this employer in relation to official duties. 

The CCG liaises and works with CSU TU representatives and area/regional representatives from those recognised unions whose time will be recorded with their employing authority.

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