New chronic pain management service to be delivered for West Lancashire residents

New chronic pain management service to be delivered for West Lancashire residents

THE NHS in West Lancashire has developed a new specialist service to support patients living with chronic pain. The service, iHELP Pain Management service, has been designed by local clinicians and patients.

After a formal procurement process, the new provider InHealth will begin providing the two-year pilot service in April 2019.  As there is presently no specialist community based chronic pain service in West Lancashire, patients are being managed between GPs and hospitals. This new service will offer specialist care and introduce a holistic approach to a patient’s individual needs by examining the full picture, including, for example physical activity, nutrition and psychological needs.

Chronic pain is a pain that persists beyond the point at which healing would be expected (three to six months).

Mike Maguire, chief officer of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said:

“With the help of patients who kindly took the time to share their views with us and our local clinicians and other partners, we have achieved what we set out to do and can now start offering this service from the Spring. 

The new iHELP service which will be a single point of referral, will be fine-tuned to ensure patients are appropriately managed and importantly that their individual needs are catered for.”

Dr Vik Mittal, local GP and board member of NHS West Lancashire CCG, said:

“Living with chronic pain is not pleasant for anyone, which is especially why it’s so important we have the right services in place that are accessible for everyone. GPs have been trying to manage these patients in primary care with some referrals to hospital but without the availability of any holistic support.   This innovative specialist service will support those patients addressing their specific individual needs.” 

Once the service is launched, we would like to hear what patients think and how their experiences have been.  Please contact the CCG on 01695 588 203 or

Further information is available here.