Learn about Dying Matters Week at the Concourse in Skelmersdale

Learn about Dying Matters Week at the Concourse in Skelmersdale

Death and bereavement will be the focus of an event in national Dying Matters Week, 14 – 18 May 2018 at The Concourse, in Skelmersdale, on Friday (18 May).

West Lancashire residents are encouraged to talk more openly about death, including how they want to die and their funeral plans. More importantly, what people would like to do prior to their final day or night – some people draw up a ‘Bucket List’ of activities they would like to experience.

They can learn how the NHS, hospices and other local services provide support to those nearing the end of their lives, as well as their families and carers.

Doctor Tim Jones, Assistant medical director at Queenscourt Hospice, said: “We want to support people in communicating openly about death and dying, and hope that the events we are hosting will give all members of the public an opportunity to come and find out more.

As well as getting people talking, this year the focus is on what people can do to help in the community – including voluntary work in a hospice.

Rev. Martin Abrams, chaplain at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, added: “The local NHS, social care and hospices now have a range of support services available to help those approaching the end of their lives, as well as their loved ones and carers.

“We know that facing the idea of an end of life plan can be extremely hard to do but by just starting the conversation with the right people means that we can provide the right support in the future.”

The public can get involved in Dying Matters Week by joining the public event on Friday, 18 May, 2018, at the The Concourse Shopping Centre, (first floor) in Skelmersdale where West Lancashire Information and Support Service and Queenscourt Hospice will be hosting the Dying Matters event.

Partners will also include the NHS, Age UK, Mooney and Everett Solicitors, Lancashire Well-being and Crossroads Care.