Manage your health online with Patient Access

Manage your health online with Patient Access

West Lancashire residents are being reminded that they can now use Patient Access, a free online tool to make GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

Since it was first promoted locally last winter, thousands of patients from across West Lancashire have registered on Patient Access and realised the benefits, as healthcare commissioners, NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is hoping more patients will soon give it a try.

Patient Access is available to anyone online or through their app store on their smartphone. Patients can simply visit or search for it in the app store.  Patients can get their log in details for Patient Access from their registered GP practice. As well as ordering repeat prescriptions, Patient Access can be used to make GP appointments and view medical records.

Dr John Caine, local GP and chair of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said:

“We appreciate that not everyone will be computer literate or have access to the internet so there continues to be alternative more traditional ways of communicating with your GP practice and managing your health. However, we really encourage anyone who has the internet and smartphone to try Patient Access.

“We know that many people find the pace of life very busy and enjoy immediate easy ways of getting information they need, and many of us rely heavily on apps for all sorts of things; including our health. Ordering repeat prescriptions through Patient Access is now simply a few clicks at a time to suit them. Patients can also use the tool to book appointments and view their own personal medical records”.

The NHS is promoting Patient Access as a free option for patients to help with medicine waste, minimise pressures on GP practices and importantly because local patients have communicated that they would like to play more of a role in their own health.

Nicola Baxter, head of medicine optimisation at the CCG, added:

“We have seen a lot of medicines go to waste which is a real shame as this resource could be used elsewhere to help local people through other health services. Patient Access is an ideal way to minimise this wastage and since its launch here, we are seeing a significant drop in medicine waste already and patients are starting to only order what they need”.

For any local patients who do not want to try Patient Access, a repeat prescription slip can still be handed into the registered GP practice.