Chronic pain procurement process launched in West Lancashire

Chronic pain procurement process launched in West Lancashire

NHS West Lancashire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) has launched a procurement process to introduce a new local specialist chronic pain service.

This will be known as the iHELP Pain Management Service and the procurement is in association with the Innovation Partnership.  This innovative form of procurement allows for genuine co-design in which the CCG can work with potential providers to shape the service and work together to find the best solution for the patients of West Lancashire.   iHELP stands for Integrated, Holistic, Empowering, Learning Programme.

Mike Maguire, chief officer of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said:

We know that there are currently several people living with pain day in day out in West Lancashire.  These people are having to see their GP or visit hospital for treatment and pain relief medication.   They need to do this as we currently have no specialist pain service, and we can certainly improve on this to benefit both clinicians and patients.  The new iHELP service we will develop will become a single point of access for all chronic pain referrals to ensure they are appropriately managed and importantly that their individual needs are catered for.  The process is collaborative so we will develop the services with potential providers with the needs of our local communities in mind”.

Most local chronic pain patients often have a broader need than just pain relief.  For example, they may require advice around physical activity, nutrition and psychological needs.   The CCG plans to develop a pain service that will manage the full picture of the patients’ life and help them self-manage the pain they are experiencing.

If you would like to become part of this service, please see formal advertisements and further details below:

The CCG ran a consultation on chronic pain in late 2016/early 2017.  The chronic pain story so far is attached for further reading.  If you have experienced chronic pain and would like to comment on this, please get in touch with the CCG by 01695 588 000