Tier 2 ophthalmology service

Tier 2 ophthalmology service

NHS West Lancashire CCG is testing the market for a Ophthalmology triage and tier 2 service.  The procurement process has now started and as part of this process the CCG invites potential providers to input into the direction of this service.

Details of how providers can participate is advertised at the following link:


or alternatively email MLCSU.tenders@nhs.net.

Tier 2 ophthalmology is the treatment of eye conditions.  The ‘tier 2’ means this is a community service for minor treatments only.    Examples of the types of treatments offered within a typical tier 2 ophthalmology services include lids/lashes tares, red eye, corneal conditions, foreign bodies, corneal ulcers, contact lense-induced corneal infections and flashes/floaters.

More details about the existing service are captured here in this ophthalmology briefing.

All NHS contracts are awarded for a specified period of time. This ensures that services are continually reviewed to ensure they offer patients the best possible care. Ahead of a contract’s expiry date, commissioners are obliged to review and re-tender those services so they can be assured that healthcare services are the best they can be for the populations they serve.