Chronic pain – opportunities to improve

Chronic pain – opportunities to improve

We’re looking at how we can better support West Lancashire residents living with chronic pain.

We have pulled together a chronic pain update for you to explain our thinking and where we are up to.

We are welcoming your views – please send us your comments by 9 February 2017.

Please get in touch with us via or 01695 588 203.


Dr Vik Mittal, local GP and board member of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said:

“Living with chronic pain is not pleasant for anyone, which is especially why it’s so important we have the right services in place that are accessible for everyone. GPs have been trying to manage these patients in primary care with some referrals to hospital but without the availability of any holistic support. It’s time West Lancashire developed its own specialist pain service where patients can have the holistic care that they need & GPs can have access to much needed advice to manage these patients.  This won’t just be about medication and immediate solutions but will take a longer-term approach and examine the bigger picture, looking at issues such as physical activity and socio-psychological needs.  The possibility of developing a new service is an exciting prospect for West Lancashire, which puts patients at the heart of their own care allowing them to take control and manage their own wellbeing”.