West Lancashire CCG praised at the House of Commons

West Lancashire CCG praised at the House of Commons
L-R - Carol McCabrey John Baron MP and Maggie Wilcox (Indpendent Cancer Patients Voice)
L-R – Carol McCabrey John Baron MP and Maggie Wilcox (Indpendent Cancer Patients Voice)

NHS WEST Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been recognised at the House of Commons for the improvements in one-year cancer survival rates in the region.

Representatives from the CCG were invited to attend the All Parliamentary Group on Cancer’s (APPG on cancer) Summer Reception at the House of Commons by John Baron MP. West Lancashire CCG was asked to attend in acknowledgement of the significant work being done in the region around one-year cancer survival rates.

Cancer survival is improving across England. The proportion of people surviving for one-year after diagnosis has increased to 70.2 per cent. This figure is slightly above the national average in West Lancashire with 72 per cent. However, there is still some work to be done in order to catch up with countries like Sweden, who have an 82 per cent survival rate. In order to catch up with Sweden, CCG’s across the country are now held accountable for improving survival rates with increased scrutiny, with CCG’s encouraged to diagnose patients quicker and for patients to present at their GP at an earlier stage.

The APPG on cancer has set CCGs the task of improving these figures by improving diagnosis at primary care, increasing the number of referral rates to secondary care, increasing cancer awareness campaigns such as Public Health England’s ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ (BCOC) campaign, creating wider cancer screening programmes and an increased focus on supporting cancer survivorship programmes.

Carol McCabrey, senior service redesign manager at West Lancashire CCG, said:

“It was great to be invited to the House of Commons and for West Lancashire to be recognised nationally for the pioneering work taking place in the region to improve one-year survival rates.

“One of the key ways that we are able to ensure that we have such high figures is through our partnership working with providers and partners such as Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust to improve cancer pathways.

“One example of the work we are involved in at the moment is working with partners across the region to increase breast cancer screening for vulnerable women. We also host regular cancer awareness engagement events, with our next one taking place on Thursday 20 October 2016 in Skelmersdale and focussing on breast cancer.”

 Jackie Brunton lead cancer nurse, at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, said:

“I am delighted to see that our areas are the two most improved in the entire country for one-year cancer survival.

“This is very good news for our patients because these improvements reflect earlier diagnosis and earlier, better treatment of cancer.

“The figures also speak volumes about the hard work and professionalism of our fantastic cancer teams, local GPs and NHS commissioning colleagues.”

 For more information on the breast cancer event in Skelmersdale, please visit the CCG’s website and keep up to date with all events by following our Twitter and Facebook pages. The next BCOC campaign launches today (Thursday 14 July 2016) and runs until the 16 October and focusses on respiratory symptoms of cancer, for more information search ‘Be Clear on Cancer’.