Introducing a new report…The Seven Wards: A Focus on Skelmersdale

Introducing a new report…The Seven Wards: A Focus on Skelmersdale

The Seven Wards report was put together by Public Health and Wellbeing Service at Lancashire County Council at the request of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  The publication of this report is a significant and positive step forwards for Skelmersdale and West Lancashire as a whole.  It will become the foundation of an ongoing project, which involves various partners, aimed at tackling health inequalities that are evident when comparing Skelmersdale with other areas of West Lancashire.

The report’s purpose is to improve the understanding of Skelmersdale; its key health and wellbeing issues, the wider determinants of health and the needs of the people from each of the seven wards – Ashurst, Birch Green, Digmoor, Moorside, Skelmersdale North, Skelmersdale South and Tanhouse.  It sets the seven wards in context considering data for them as compared to the rest of West Lancashire, Lancashire and the England averages.

The extensive data included in the report, which shows deprivation levels and smoking rates for example, presents a clear and factual picture and highlights certain areas the project needs to focus on.  It therefore provides the partners involved with an opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of the people living in Skelmersdale.

This project will not just involve the NHS, but also many other partners such as the police and community groups.  However, most importantly it will involve the community, whose views and actions will shape improvements that will benefit themselves, their families and everyone living in Skelmersdale.

The full report can be accessed at the following page:

If you would like to hear more about this project and become involved, please contact local GP and clinical lead for the project, Dr Peter Gregory via