West Lancashire CCG welcomes comments on its plans

West Lancashire CCG welcomes comments on its plans

In April 2014, all clinical commissioning groups submitted a draft 5 year strategic plan to NHS England, which details each organisation’s focus and priorities for the years ahead.

NHS West Lancashire CCG’s plan takes into account what members of the public, patients, our local councils, voluntary groups, healthcare organisations and our membership of 22 GP practices have told us. It considers the needs of our local community and patients, with a view of improving healthcare services and importantly the health and wellbeing of everyone living in West Lancashire.

The CCG produced its plans in the formal format provided, which addresses certain topics and answers specific mandatory questions. The plan was submitted in draft, with the final version due to be submitted on 20 June 2014.

The below link is to a short summary version of this draft 5 year strategic plan, which has been created especially for patients, members of the public and others, allowing them to get a clear overview of the plan and share their views back with the CCG.