It’s your funeral

It’s your funeral

Planning for the end of your life is often avoided or put to one side, but taking time to plan for those last weeks, months and years of your life now can make things a lot easier when the time comes.

Backing Dying Matters Week (May 12- 18), NHS West Lancashire, Lancashire County Council and Queenscourt Hospice are encouraging the young and old to talk about death and bereavement and think about funeral plans.

It’s your funeral so you should have it exactly the way you want. You might already have an idea of whether you want to be buried or cremated. Some other things to consider could include:

  • If you want to be cremated, where do you want your ashes to be scattered?
  • Where do you want your funeral to be held?
  • Do you want a religious funeral?
  • Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
  • What music do you want to be played?
  • Which route do you want your funeral procession to take? It could be one last trip past one of your favourite places.
  • What would you like your coffin to be like?

It is important that your funeral wishes are recorded. You can simply share it with family or you can discuss your wishes with a funeral director. If you write down your wishes but keep it to yourself, your loved ones will need to know where to find them.

Dr John Caine, chair of NHS West Lancashire CCG said, said: “It can be a hard subject to talk about but it’s really important that we face death and dying and prepare accordingly.”

Dr Karen Groves, a palliative care lead at Queenscourt Hospice and Southport & Ormskirk NHS Hospital Trust adds: “Talking about dying, death and bereavement will make things a bit easier for you and also your friends and family when the time comes. Funerals are a way of celebrating someone’s life so it makes sense that your funeral should be just the way you want it. Dying is one of the few things we can count on happening so it makes sense to plan ahead and ensure our dying wishes are met.”

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