Take control of your health

Take control of your health

NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is urging local residents to ‘self care’ by taking simple measures to stay well and becoming more knowledgeable about their health.

The message comes as national Self Care Week is launched. The annual event, which this year runs from 18-24 November 2013, will focus on ‘Self Care for Life – Take Control’ with the intention being to raise awareness of how you can take control of your health.

‘Self Care for Life’ means eating properly, taking regular exercise and looking after symptoms of common everyday illness.  It’s also about understanding any long term conditions you may have and managing those on a daily basis.

Dr John Caine, chair of NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said:

“Looking after yourself is not rocket science.  It can be as simple as eating a healthy well balanced diet and ensuring you have regular exercise.  However, many people don’t realise the simple steps they can take to look after themselves. By boosting how you care for yourself, you can make a genuine positive impact on your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“We’re determined to continue to signpost people to the right services, especially over winter when demands can increase.  People commonly visit their local GP over something that can easily be treated by themselves at home with a well-stocked medicine cabinet or some over the counter remedies at their local pharmacist.  Our advice would be to consider the right option for you, especially when it is a minor illness or ailment.”

For more information about how to self care you can go to www.nhs.uk/selfcare where you will find a wealth of information.


Notes to editors: Self Care Week is an annual campaign run by the Self Care Forum to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take care of their own health at home. The point of the campaign is to promote and encourage more self care across communities, families and generations.

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