Recommendation of the Joint Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Specialist Dementia Committee (JCCGSDC)

Recommendation of the Joint Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Specialist Dementia Committee (JCCGSDC)

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across Lancashire are being asked to consider a recommendation regarding the siting of a specialist dementia inpatient unit.

A Joint Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Specialist Dementia Committee (JCCGSDC) was established to respond to recommendations about specialist inpatient dementia services following a public consultation and report presented to the outgoing NHS Lancashire Board in March 2013.  The membership of the JCCGSDC included representatives from all 8 CCGs in Lancashire, together with representatives from the County Council and Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Councils. The Committee invited representatives from Healthwatch, Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society to assist them in their deliberations.

The Committee was charged with the responsibility of undertaking an appraisal of the options for the specialist dementia unit location.  The group was also asked to consider, and where appropriate, develop solutions to the access and travel issues raised in the consultation and to ensure a range of support is available for people and families living with dementia.

The preferred option arising from the 12-week consultation on specialist inpatient dementia services, conducted by former PCTs across Lancashire, was for one specialist dementia inpatient unit for the County and for this to be located at the Harbour site close to Blackpool.

The Joint CCGSDC has reviewed the options for the site location and set out their recommendations to the Chair of the Lancashire CCG Network. The CCG Network has reviewed and considered the issues and is recommending that CCG Governing Body members:

1)    Approve the Harbour as the site for the 30 bed inpatient unit for Lancashire

2)    Note that the CCG Network will separately consider the responsibilities of NHS Commissioners when approving service reconfigurations in relation to patient and relatives’ transport and aim to create a Lancashire policy that can be applied irrespective of the reconfiguration

3)    Note that the Specialist Dementia Committee has received assurance regarding the range of support for people and families living with dementia

To view the news release please click the following link – Dementia Option Appraisal