Start Restart to a healthy lifestyle

Start Restart to a healthy lifestyle

A large scale campaign that aims to help families introduce healthy changes to their school-time routines is being launched this week by Public Health England.

The Smart Restart campaign, part of Change4Life, will guide families towards healthier habits such as playing games instead of watching television, walking to school instead of driving, and making sure children enjoy a healthy meal at lunchtimes.

The campaign is about parents and children enjoying more activity and eating more healthily.  Families can sign up to the campaign and in return be provided with a six-week programme to help them keep on track with their new habits as the school year starts.

Dr Jack Kinsey is a local GP and GP executive lead from NHS West Lancashire CCG.   Dr Kinsey also leads on the CCG’s children, young people and families programme. He said:

“Going back to school is a fresh start in itself and therefore a perfect time to adopt a new healthy way of life.  Families can create a healthy routine that works around their busy working and school lives, with habits that will benefit them all.  As a local GP, I cannot stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle enough and along with my CCG colleagues, fully support this Public Health England campaign.”

*Ann Hoskins, Director for Children, Young People and Families, Public Health England, said:

“Families tell us that they sometimes slip into unhealthier habits during the summer holidays, such as spending too much time in front of the TV or computer, or indulging in too many treats.

“The new school year is an opportunity for them to press the restart button and choose and sustain healthier habits for the year ahead. People are much more likely to establish a healthy new routine if they make one small change at a time – and ‘Smart Restart’ will make this simple, fun and easy to achieve.”

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*Quote sourced from Public Health England’s press release