Share your views

Share your views

As a commitment to listen to all views, local healthcare commissioners NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), has launched a new open group called My View, allowing people to express their opinions, thoughts and experiences on local healthcare services.

The group is open to anyone living/working in West Lancashire, and those signed up will benefit from a regular bulletin, information on local health services, receive invitations to future events, have the opportunity to take part in focus groups and consultations, and find out how and why decisions about local health services were made.

Greg Mitten, lay member for public and patient involvement for NHS West Lancashire CCG, explains:

“We cannot work in isolation and as a public organisation, it is imperative that we hear about your experiences of local healthcare services; and equally as important that we involve you in debates and planning about changes in the future.   This is no easy feat with a population of over 100,000 in our area – we simply cannot talk to everyone – but nonetheless we are committed as local commissioners to do as much as possible, and remain transparent and open to our members of the community and partners.

“My View is not just open to health experts or people of certain ages with certain health issues; it is about everyone and anyone who cares about their local healthcare services.  It allows you to be kept updated and also gives you the chance to share your thoughts and suggestions directly with the clinicians and management at the CCG.”    

June Bibby, a West Lancashire resident who worked for the NHS in Ormskirk on its very first day in 1948, has signed up to My View. She says:

“I have worked for the NHS on and off over many years and feel passionate about ensuring it has a strong future that benefits everyone.  Although now retired, I still take an interest in the local healthcare services available and would like to play my part in making sure there are suitable services accessible within the community.  What is so impressive about groups like this is that it proves the NHS is listening and our local commissioners are making every effort not only to keep us informed but also to listen and act on our views wherever they can.  I am delighted that we are being given a voice.”

To join My View, please email

The CCG is keen to understand any areas of interests each individual has, so please also state areas of interest on the above email.  Areas of interest can be anything, for example, carers, mental health, children’s health, local hospital, cancer, general health or specific areas of interest depending on personal experiences.

For those who would like to join but do not use an email address, please either phone 01695 588203 or write to NHS West Lancashire CCG, Wigan Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 2JW.