West Lancashire walking away from diabetes

West Lancashire walking away from diabetes

As part of Diabetes Week, NHS leaders in West Lancashire are encouraging people to understand their own risk of developing diabetes, by using the latest programme Walking Away from Diabetes.

The new education programme, delivered by Skelmersdale Community Food Initiative (SCFI), is aimed at people who are at increased risk of developing diabetes and is especially suited for people who’s blood sugar levels are starting to rise above normal, but are not yet at the level to make a diagnosis of diabetes.

To assess the level of risk, individuals can simply self-assess or be assessed at their local GP practice.

The new programme offers three hour interactive courses to help people think about making small changes to manage the risk of diabetes, find out more about their risk, diabetes and local support, as well as meeting other people in the local community.

Dr Bapi Biswas, GP executive lead at NHS West Lancashire CCG, explains:

“The key point to understand here is about the importance of catching that potential risk early. This programme has demonstrated a 30-60% reduction in the risk of progression to type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals.

“Not only is diabetes a significant disruption to individuals’ health and lifestyle it can also reduce life expectancy by 10-20 years. At the moment there are about 5,223 people in West Lancashire with diabetes but many more remain undiagnosed and unaware that they are at risk. We’d like to encourage anyone aware of this programme to either contact their GP to have an assessment carried out or self-assess directly.”

Referral forms and the diabetes risk score are both available at: www.scfi.org.uk/walking_away_from_diabetes

Alternatively, please contact Walking Away from Diabetes directly at 01695 720 555 or scfi.walkingaway@nhs.net

For anyone who has already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and would like more information, please contact the diabetes centre directly on 01695 588177

UK wide facts/figures sourced from Diabetes UK

• 10-20 year reduction in life expectancy
• Leading cause of blindness in people of working age
• Most common cause of kidney failure
• 100 amputations carried out each week – around 80% are preventable
• Up to 24,000 people with diabetes are dying each year from causes that could be avoided

Skelmersdale Community Food Initiative (SCFI) was commissioned by NHS West Lancashire CCG and Lancashire County Council Public Health Lancashire to deliver Walking Away From Diabetes.