Diabetes improvements

Diabetes improvements

Podiatry: diabetes

You said: You said you would like more diabetes related appointments combined to help you manage your condition

We did:  The majority of GP practices now offer foot checks as part of the patients’ annual reviews


Patient education: diabetes

You said: GPs, patients and practice nurses said they were not receiving local patient education to support type 2 diabetes.

We did:  There is now a new local diabetes structured patient education programme called Diabetes and You


Levels of care: diabetes

You said: Diabetic patients said there was some inconsistency with the care they received from primary care

We did:  The CCG has held several clinical training sessions to enhance skills in primary care and also offered in-house mentorship to up-skill all relevant clinicians.  Practice staff that have signed up to the Local Enhanced Service can rely on the support of a local diabetologist and diabetes specialist nurses to reach the level of training they need.