How we involve you

As an NHS body, we have a duty to involve others in our plans and decisions, particularly by those who will be affected by what we are doing.   This does mean the general members of the public and patients, but also involvement of others such as local councillors, patient groups, voluntary organisations, NHS partners, carers and many more.  Involving others is something we want to do and know we should do. 

Our strapline With You, For You, aims to embody this commitment and promise.    We have adopted tried and tested ways to engage and allow two-way communication, such as surveys, public listening events, meeting up with community groups and their members, one to one phone interviews, focus groups and more. 

We create a Duty to Involve Report every year to try and tell the story of how we involve others.  See past reports below.  Our Equality and Diversity Report which we produce annually also goes into some of this in more detail.    

To summarise, we need to involve others because: 

  • The NHS belongs to everyone, you deserve a say 
  • NHS clinicians/commissioners must understand your needs to do their jobs 
  • We are a public-sector body and open to scrutiny in everything we do 
  • It is legally required  
  • We cannot achieve our vision alone and must involve our partners 
  • Our local community, voluntary and faith sector is proactive and important in this 
  • Our community has good ideas of how to improve the services they use 
  • It is important you understand how we reached our decisions, and why 
  • One of our goals is to reduce health inequalities and your views help us prioritise 
  • We care about what you think 
  • You can tell us what is working and what is not, and how it is for you 
  • Our involvement encourages self-care and an active role for our communities  
  • You have told us you would like more control and the knowledge to manage your conditions 

Duty to involve reports

Communications and Engagement Strategy


How can you get more involved? 

Being part of our My View group is the best way to stay involved in what we are doing now and in the future.   

My View is a group of local people who live (or work) in West Lancashire and are interested in local health services.  It is a virtual group and you can be involved as much as you like. 

By signing up, you will receive a regular newsletter which includes invitations to take part in surveys, attend events, read breaking health news or find out more about our plans and decisions, and how you can get involved along the way.   To sign up, please contact or visit